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Dear Customer:

We have the affability to direct us to you, to offer our products, specializing to us in the global development of spare parts national and concerned and metal services rubbers and distributing polyurethano Gaff, used in the headings of:


- Transport (bus, trucks, connections, special equipment, etc.).

- Industrial Machinery (industry, forest, specialized machinery, etc.).

- Mining (frontal trucks, drillers, shippers, etc.).

- Construction (trucks mixers, planelers, shootcreteras, etc.).

 However, of all these headings, we can mention some of our products and services like for example:


- Supports for motors, gear boxes, suspensions, cardan joints, cabins and radiators.


- Dispensers for shootcreteras machines. - Rubbers for tow teeth.


- Bushings for suspensions, I sweep tensile and trailers lances of.


- Supports and you connect for compactadores ground rollers, stationary compressors, generators and motors.


- Tops for suspensions.


- Repairs and recoveries of spare parts of rubber, metal, fiber glass, among others.


In order to satisfy its necessities, with the spare parts before mentioned and developed with elastomers of optimal quality, formulated according to international, national engineering specifications or according to the individual requirements of each client, we can give you, excellence in quality of a company with but of 25 years of experience in the market and the best preferential service.


With the purpose of being able to arrange a visit or meeting, to go to the telephone: (56-02) 288 24 93 or to our email: or  Or writing to our  postal code  822-0398 Puente Alto Santiaco Chile.



Metal Gomas Rubio

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